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Summer Camp for children in Navi Mumbai (Vashi, Koperkhairane, Ghansoli)

Summer Camp for children in Navi Mumbai (Vashi, Koperkhairane, Ghansoli)

Children look forward to summer vacations. No tension of school, exams and homework. Mangoes, ice-creams and cold drinks are bonus!

But many times parents are under severe stress in this period. Gadgets of all kinds invade the house - mobile games, computer games, play stations, youtube and the good old TV. Parents keep on thinking about how to keep children constructively occupied in this period. Even if there is vacation travel, still there is lot of free time with children.  

We believe that vacation need to be an enriching experience. Children should have free time at hand. Cycling, swimming, reading, board games, outdoor games etc. However, it is also a good time to do something else. Children can pick up a hobby, work on skill improvement or in some cases do some preparation for the school season ahead along with the fun.

Some parents try to look for activity which is closest to the house or is the cheapest. Instead of sending your child for such activities just to fill the time, as parents, we should sow the seeds for future success.

Making Champs has an activity centre in Koperkhairane, Navi Mumbai (This is near Vashi and Ghansoli). We are happy to bring to you a wide variety of activities for nurturing your children in this summer. There are programs offered by Making Champs and by other specialised agencies as per the details given below.

Public Speaking (8 to 13 years) - Most essential leadership skill. (Click for more)

Robotics (6 to 13 years) - The need for the future. This program is offered by Irobokids.

Summer Camp (2.5 years to 12) - Learn with Fun. This program covers storytelling, role plays, art & craft. This is offered by Chirp Chatter.

Social Smartness (8 to 13 years) - To increase conversational skill. (Click for more)

Creative Writing (10 to 13 years) - To express your thoughts effectively and creatively (Click for more)

Check the schedule as per the age group and make the most out of the summer vacation by enrolling for right activities for the summer camp.  Contact 9870116557 / 9870295945 for registration.