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Speeches for Children

Speeches for Children

School has announced an elocution competition as part of the language week celebration. The child comes home and communicates this to the parents. Then the scary news - Participation is compulsory.

By dropping this bombshell, the child has passed on the monkey to the mothers back. Now, the mother starts asking questions on the parents whatsapp group.

  • What are the topics?
  • What is the time limit?
  • Is the speech required to be submitted in advance for clearance with the teacher?
  • Does anyone have ready speeches?
  • Which are the good websites to find speeches?

For these moms, here is the answer.

Given below are some speeches for children. Interestingly, these speeches are delivered by children at some or the other event. Let your child watch these videos and plan for his or her speech.

1. Robotics: This is the hottest topic right now.


2. Computer games-boon or curse: A question in the mind of all parents and may be some children as well. 


3. Healthy eating: Children want to eat pizza, pasta, burgers. Parents want children to eat fruits, vegetables etc.  


4. Social media: The world keeps on changing every year. But what has changed significantly in the last 2-3 years? Explosion of social media.     


5. Parable of a pencil: We can learn from thing around us. This is one such lesson from a pencil.  

Note for students:

Get ideas from whatever source you can, but then make your own speech. Make necessary changes, seek clarifications and then finalise it. Dont memorise the speech without understanding it. 

You should understand the speech that you are going to give

Enjoy the speaking experience. 

If you want to see more such speeches subscribe to Making Champs youtube channel.