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Short Speeches for kids

Short Speeches for kids

On Making Champs youtube channel one of the videos getting the maximum views was a short speech on Good manners. We were surprised to see this.

Then we realised that many schools are using the opportunity of inculcating good values and habits by making them speak on such topics.  

So here is the collection of short speeches for kids from our youtube channel. 

1. Good manners: Know about which good manners should kids have. 


2. How I keep my things: Hear how this kid helps his mother by keeping his things.     


3. My Mother: One of the first speeches kids are made to speak is about My Mother or My Father. Lets hear this.   


4. My Family: As kids go out from pre primary to the primary section, teacher makes them speak on this topic. It helps the teacher to understand more about the child and also eases the child into speaking / elocution situation by describing something that they are close to.      

5. My last birthday: As a child, birthday is the most awaited day. The party, the gifts and the pampering that goes along. Children love to describe their birthdays as it takes them again to those days and re-live the good memories.



Making children give short speeches on easy topics like this builds their communication skills. Specifically it helps in increasing their confidence and public speaking. 


If you want to see more such speeches subscribe to Making Champs youtube channel.