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Robotics summer camp for children in Navi Mumbai Vashi Koperkhairane Ghansoli

Robotics summer camp for children in Navi Mumbai Vashi Koperkhairane Ghansoli

Which activities should children engage in the summer vacation?

This is one of the most burning questions in the minds of the parents. On one hand there are messages on social media which says that sending children to any activity in summer is like using chemicals for artificial ripening and coming in the way of development. On the other hand there are concerns relating to excessive use of gadgets and too much of screen time which is also counterproductive.

Being in children education for more than 4 years and being a parent for close to 14 years we believe that summer vacation is a refreshing time.

If parents are pushing children for tuitions (so that they get a head start when the school starts) it is like the artificial ripening. As parents we should utilize the summer vacation time to try out different experiences for children which otherwise are not possible during regular school. This is reflected in various activities planned at Making Champs.

Last year at IIT Mumbai Tech Fest, maximum crowd and participation was at Robowars, Flying Drones and different games played by the Robots. Children need to get exposed to what are the fundamentals of the exciting field.

Making Champs is happy to bring a robotics workshop for children in Vashi, Koperkhairane, Ghansoli in Navi Mumbai by Irobokids. Duration May 15th to 19th 2017.

The senior group (Grade 4 to 9) - STEM Bootcamp. They understand different concepts like 3D printing, electricals and circuits and make their working models with the kits. Click here for day wise program details. 

The junior gorup (Grade 1 to 3) - I Engineer Bootcamp. They understand and make their own machines and simulate a factory environment. Click here for day wise program details. 

A similar boot camp was organized in March 2017 as well. Snippets from the workshop are as given below:

A. Some snaps (click for viewing)

B. Live videos from the event are given below

a. 3-D printing of the keychain designed by the students (click for viewing

b. Making their own roller coaster (click for viewing)

c. Circuit and working of a door bell (click for viewing


Limited students to ensure personal attention and individuals kits to work on. Contact 9870116557 / 9870295945 for registration.