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Reading classes for children in Vashi Koperkhairane Ghansoli

Reading classes for children in Vashi Koperkhairane Ghansoli

In our public speaking workshops and teacher trainings, we make participants read aloud few paragraphs from the book. It is disturbing to see that they cant read fluently. On the other hand, there are some who read it in such a way that we feel that they should keep on reading aloud forever.

So what makes some of them read fluently and in an interesting way?

  • When they speak,  they have clear pronunciation, loud voice, pauses at the right punctuation marks and voice modulation to make it impactful.
  • And they have learnt how to read (yes, it needs to be learnt) and they also practice it.

Ideally, children should have learnt this in the school. But in the desire to complete the syllabus and with more number of students per class, teachers may be finding it difficult to give individual attention.

Reading is essential for learning. Now, with the advent of multimedia, you can get new knowledge in the form of audios, videos, etc., but still reading continues to remain important because written material has certain advantages over other forms. To develop love for reading in children, the classes will be conducted with lot of activities, games and fun. 

In addition to making it interesting for the listeners, reading helps in understanding the subject, increase the vocabulary and enhancing the imagination. Reading and discussing your views on what you have read is one of the essential social interaction activities.


  • Developing the love and interest in reading
  • Improvement in pronunciation
  • Reading with an impact
  • Increase in confidence and imagination
  • Learn with fun

Examples of books that will be covered in the sessions: Roald Dahl series, Enid Blyton Series, Sudha Murthy books, Amar Chitra katha, Local folk tales, Geronimo Stiliton and Thea Stilton series, etc.


Batch 1 – Grade 1 and 2, Monday 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm

Batch 2 – Grade 3 and 4, Monday 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm


For More Details: Call 9870295945/ 9870116557 and visit website. 



1. How many students will be there in one class?

Ans: Around 8 to 10 students in one batch.


2. Will all the children read the same thing?

Ans: Children will read aloud a paragraph. Other time, they will listen. They will note down their observations as suggested by the teacher.  Sometimes, the teacher will read and the students will listen.


3. Will we have to buy additional books?

Ans: The reading material required in the class will be provided by us. 


4. How my child will be different after attending this program? What difference will it make to my child?

Ans: This program will help the child in increasing his/her self- confidence. They will learn to read aloud – with right pauses, clear pronunciation. They will develop the love and interest in reading. This will also help in developing their imagination.


5. What are students required to get to the class?

Ans: A note book and pencil box for making class notes.  


6. Will this program have any effect on the performance of the child in School?

Ans: Yes definitely. The child will become more assertive, vocal and participative in the school. His/ her performance in the class will improve.


For More Details: Call 9870295945/ 9870116557 and visit website.