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Parents: 5 things child misses learning when you outsource the project

Parents: 5 things child misses learning when you outsource the project

School Projects

The 2nd half of the academic year is busy season in most schools with extracurricular activities taking up substantial time - sports day, annual day, science day, model making and in some schools even the carnival.

school project, team work,

As part of these activities schools have projects to be done by group of students. Schools expect parents to assist the students. 

Professionals doing the student's work

Parents have a busy schedule. It is a humongous task for somebody to take along 8-10 children with their parents to work as a team. Moreover, there is a concern that we cannot do good work as we have not made models or charts like this.  There enters the professional agencies! 

There are individuals who work on model making for real estate or design firms. There are many private class owners teaching art & craft. They take on these projects. The charge can be anywhere between Rs. 3000 to Rs. 15000 depending on the complexity of the model. For a group of 8-10 students, parents end up spending Rs. 400 to Rs. 2000 per student. No meetings, no mess in the house, no tension of coordination with other parents & children, no concern about people not working, substantial saving in time  and moreover, the output is of professional quality.


5 things that the student misses learning

These projects are an important source of learnings and contribute significantly to the overall development of the child. But if they don’t get to work on the project, they lose out on learning the following:  

  • Interpersonal behaviour,
  • Team working,
  • Planning and time management,
  • Creativity, art/craft and
  • Overall leadership.

Schools do not officially support such practices. Therefore, when the students are asked - who has made the project? They are taught to speak the lies - we made it ourselves with the help of our parents. Instead of such activities building important practical skills & leadership qualities, it is sowing the seeds of lies. 

So, next time when there is a circular from the school about a project that your child has to do, encourage them to work by themselves.

Remember the line from movie Sarkar Raj where Amitabh explains to Abhishek – Door ke fayde ke liye najdik ke nooksan sehne padte hai!

Let the project be not as good as compared to that done by the professional. But parents as well as child will have the satisfaction of doing it by themselves.