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Parents: 3 ways in which you can help your children reroute to success

Parents: 3 ways in which you can help your children reroute to success

Gone are the days when people waited for months to get a telephone connection or a car. Today, we are getting hardwired to want things-NOW.

Whole world is running towards instant gratification.

Instant gratification is being fuelled by the things around:

  • ATM - moment the card is inserted, money is OUT.
  • Call Dominos and pizza is delivered right at your doorstep within 30 minutes.
  • And many more start-ups working on convenience…..

In this scenario, working on some goals today for the results to be obtained much later is becoming that much more difficult. goal, goal setting,

Let us see a story of Ayush.

Ayush had decided to be one of the best guitarist in town and wanted to be part of the Kaliedoscope concert. He joined classes for the same. One day, his Dad was inquiring about the progress. 


Dad – When is your audition for Kaliedoscope concert?student dreams, plan


Ayush – After a 6 months dad


Dad – And how’s your practice going on?


Ayush – Cool. We have performance in the school before this audition and that will help me a lot.


Ayush was attending classes on the weekends. He did it regularly for few weeks. But due to monotonous positioning of fingers and neck, he soon got bored and skipped some classes. School event took place and Ayush couldn’t perform  that well.  This came as a shocker to Ayush.  He thought about what went wrong. 

Dad – What happened?  

He knew the reason for the failure.


Ayush – Dad , I bunked few classes as I got bored and was playing cricket.


Dad – But , then what about your dream of becoming the best guitarist? Each passing day you either move closer towards achieving your goal or move further away from that goal.


Ayush – Yeah dad I know.


Dad – How important is that audition and the concert for you?


Ayush – It is very important Dad. Most of the popular guitarists have started from this event.


Dad – Then how are you going to be ready for it?


Ayush – I will put in huge efforts from now on.


Dad – So, what you are going to do?


Ayush –I will join practice classes on week days after school along with regular classes on weekends.


Dad – Where else can you create time for more practice?


Ayush - Dad , for time being, I will skip cricket till the kaleidoscope gets over successfully. I will reschedule my plan.


Dad- that’s really good! You have realized your progress and rerouted accordingly to get back on track of your goal achievement. I am impressed!


Ayush – Yes dad. I will give priority to practice. 


the next few months, Ayush works according to his plan. He foregoes cricket and other entertainment. He gets some lessons from an online music academy.  He registers for jamming sessions with other guitar players and musicians. He gets selected at the audition and also performs at the Kaliedoscope, which he so badly wanted to. 

rerouting, gps, persistence, grit

For every Ayush around us who stumble, wake up and rework the plan, there are many more who give up. At the slightest obstacle on the path, they change the destination. So, in this world of instant gratification, Ayush had to forego his current pleasures for achieving the distant goal. More so, he had to reroute himself like the GPS tracker to get a new path to reach his destination.



Parents, these are the 3 actions that you can take to help your children reroute towards success:

1.  Behave like Ayush’s Dad. Inquire with concern without passing judgements and not pushing own solutions

2.   Encourage children to analyse their own behaviour -

      a)   What helped the progress?

      b)   What hurt the progress?

3.   Demonstrate to children that failures are a step towards learning and future success

Remember, these things do not happen automatically. You would need to consciously inculcate them in children