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Kids Speeches

Kids Speeches

One of my friends sent a video on whatsapp asking for feedback. It was a video of his daughter speaking on Swami Vivekananda. She had to speak in her school on his birth anniversary.  

First exposure for many kids to public speaking is through such elocution events in the school. This happens around the birth anniversaries of the national heroes or festivals or important days like independence day or republic days.

Children of age 6 to 8 years are too young to know or understand about these great personalities. But it is also a good exposure for them to know more about them. Parents should take out time and explain about these events or personalities so that children understand it rather than merely memorising. 

Given below are some such kids speeches. You will find kids speaking on personalities as well as events. 

1. Famous personality - Swami Vivekananda:     


2. Mahatma Gandhi: Your list is incomplete if you dont have a speech on the father of nation. 


3. Jawaharlal Nehru:  Chacha Nehru as he is popularly called as. His birthday is also celebrated as the Childrens Day in India.      


Moving from personalities to events. Most happy memories children have about their childhood are from vacations or festivals.

4. Favorite festival (Durga pooja):   A major festival which is celebrated in different ways in different parts of the country.   


5. Holi: The festival of colours. 

In all of these kids speeches, you will an idea of what is the matter and how it needs to be spoken.

Parents, give children the historical or mythological reason behind these celebrations or people.

This will make them more knowledgeable. Also, they will feel more involved in the process.

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