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How do children learn through play

How do children learn through play

How children learn has been a topic of research for centuries. Various experts have written about it. Learning happens through connecting the existing knowledge with the new one through questions . It also happens through unstructured or structured play situation

Both the approaches are good as far as they serve the purpose. Therefore, our classrooms are more like interactions between the teacher and the student and learning is through conversation. And we have several play situations which results into fun for children to be followed by some learning.

Recently, we had taken our students on a visit to a nearby railway station.

It was a different experience for them as they had to observe everything and narrate their experience.More images at gallery

After the visit, they were happy narrating the experience.

Watch this video to see what they spoke.


The children learnt to compose their thoughts and speak about it.

Parents and teachers can use this technique to improve various skills. It can increase the observation power, composition of sentences and also improve the elocution.

If the parents and teachers look around, every day can be a learning opportunity and that too with fun.