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Festive Workshop 2018

Festive Workshop 2018

The sparkle of Diwali doesn't need crackers. Diwali is indeed more a feeling of togetherness and celebration of the rich culture from different communities. Come join us at our festive workshop with art and craft forms from around the globe. Call Kapithra on 7738011066 or Anusha on 8454029222 for registration.

Personality Development classes, Navi Mumbai-New Batches starting from 1st October 2018

Personality Development classes, Navi Mumbai-New Batches starting from 1st October 2018

Making Champs is happy to announce New batches starting from 1st October 2018.

1. Public Speaking (increases self confidence and improves oratory skills of the children)
 8 - 13 years. For more details of the program, Click here

2. Creative Writing (covers - how to get more ideas, how to structure them effectively, different types of writings) 10 years and above. For more details of the program, Click here

3. Social Skills (covers interaction and communication in social settings, telephone etiquettes)
6-12 years. For more details of the program, Click here

4. Handwriting (improves handwriting of the child and helps her score better) 
5 years and above.

Give your child a unique advantage in this competitive world. Enroll today with Making Champs. Contact 9870116557 / 8454029222

If I had magical powers... By Vamika Kaushik

If I had magical powers... By Vamika Kaushik

I always wanted to do magic or have magical powers. I’m ok even if it would last for just one day.

I can’t express my feelings flying in a regular mob and when people would see me, their eyes will become broad, they’ll start scratching their head, they will start thinking how it happened and I would be laughing and flying and I know some people would be boorish because of their jealousy.

I would make the highest jump from one house roof to another. I would run faster than Usain Bolt. I could go in future and see what I will become. But of course, I’ll not use my power for wrong things such as seeing the question paper of half yearly exam.

I know my wish can’t come true, but yes even in my old days, I would think about it and if it happens someday it would be the best day ever.

My trip to beach By Anish Deodhar

My trip to beach By Anish Deodhar

Everybody likes to travel. Even I like to travel. Best place that I like is to go to a beach. Now, I am about to tell you about one of my adventurous trips to Juhu Chowpati.

It was a bright sunny day. Me and my family were on Juhu beach with a lot of my friends. We told our parents that we wanted to play in the sea, so they gave the permission but restricted us from going too deep. Then we left the resort and cycled beside the sea on our bikes. We then stopped near the throwball court that was put by our resort assistants Rahul and Rohan. We had a nice little game of throwball but suddenly a smell struck our nose and it was an awefully bad one.

We followed it and saw an enormous whale outside the water. Its skin was not moist. It was entirely dried up. I searched on my cell what type of whale it was. Oh no!!! it was a Humpback whale, which is very rare. At first there were plenty of them but they were hunted as a game, source of food and for fun. Unfortunately, some of the whales come out of the water and die. At that moment my cells battery drained and none of my friends had a phone.

Now, the first thing we had to do to keep the whale alive was to keep its skin moist. We were four friends and two assistants. So we made teams. In the first team were Krish and Parth. Their task was to keep the whale's body moist specially its gills and eyes. The second team was of Pratham, Rohan and myself. Our task was to make a small canal which will divert the waves towards the whale and Rahul’s task was to call help from the resort and police. Now it was not at all hard to find correct equipment for digging the canal and watering the whale with the cans. When we finished making the canal we started throwing the water from the canal to the whale as a one foot broad canal could not directly help in saving the whale’s life.

Soon, Rahul came there with the police and the police even brought a crane which could safely put the whale back into the water. The police thanked us as we had been watering the whale for nearly one and a half hour and that had saved its life. After this whole incident, we again put our carefree hats and continued our game of throwball. After sometime, we went tired and exhausted to the resort at night, but this day was the highlight of our trip.

So travel safe, be safe and enjoy the adventures.


Importance of social smartness

Importance of social smartness

Some time back we visited one acquaintance at their house. It was a Saturday evening. The TV was on and their child was playing on the tab. The host greeted us and we settled in the drawing room. We had not met the child before, so she did not know us. As we were speaking with my friend, the child picked up the tab and moved into the bedroom. No greetings, no conversation.

Me and my wife exchanged glance and kept mum. How common is this situation where children do not engage in a conversation with others? Is it restricted only to children or is it even prevalent in adults? What are the reasons behind such poor social skills?

The anecdotal evidence is that even adults behave in this way.

If you visit any office party, you are most likely to see that people of same department/location will be flocking together. They will not make a point to go and meet new people.

Such behavior is also seen at the airport, on flight, in the train, etc. where people sitting next to each other may not even smile at each other. Conversation is a tall order!

Social smartness is an essential part of personality.

It is this skill which allows all of us to make new contacts. It is said that ‘people work for other people’. You like someone based on the interaction you had. And then you are fine doing work for them. All these get done due to proper social skills. 

At the young age, students experience this when they contest any election in the school e.g. student council. You get votes from students only when they know you, in a positive way. For adults, social skills and networking is extremely important. So, if it is so important, why people still behave in this way?

The research suggests that the reason people have poor social skills is is due to their lack of confidence. And the confidence is low because they have never been taught the social skills. It is an acquired skill and can be learnt.

So, if you are a parent, you should be ensuring that your child knows how to behave in a social situation. You would have given a wonderful gift to your child by ensuring appropriate development of this skill. So next time I visit my friend, I will be happy to see if the child in the house not only greet us, but also talks for a while before continuing his game on the tab.